Our Inspiring Speakers

Our inspiring speakers to share a few highlights of their inspiring life stories and experiences on what it’s like to be a public figure in today’s digital world.

Jared Lee

Aspiring Filmmaker


Jared is certainly no stranger in the local film industry, especially with his short films and videos (as the co-founder of Grim Film production) gaining international audience on YouTube.

Being the first Malaysian who strikes two awards—Best Pilot and Best Special Effects—at the Vancouver WebFest in Canada recently, it’s hard to imagine that the aspiring filmmaker has never attend any film school. With the two wins at the Vancouver WebFest signifying a victory for not only Grim Film, but also to an extent Malaysian filmmaking!

Mr Yang 杨家成

Humorous English Educator


Mr Yang engaged in English teaching for ten years after graduated from the University of San Francisco Educational Psychology. He had won the most Weibo education Light force award during the Weibo V Impact Summit Education Roundtable in 2016.

Currently, his content teaching English in humorous and funny ways had been viral across the social media.

Ria Ricis

Indonesian Viral Sensation


Originally from Indonesia, Ricis became popular in early 2016 via her self-titled YouTube channel Rici’s Official.

Being the founder of a hijab line, she is a widely successful social media phenomenon who went viral for her daily tutorials on hijab style and inspiration. She has amassed a whopping 8 million Instagram followers to her account.

The Ming Thing

YouTube Stars & Content Directors


“The Ming Thing” are the Ming brothers from Malaysia — Ho Ming Han, 28, and Ho Ming Yue, 27 — local YouTube stars and content directors.

Working as a team, they both has been earning global popularity, featuring Malaysian talent in lighthearted and comical videos. The channel has recorded more than 500K subscribers.

Shen Lim TV

Cool Japan TV Group CMO


Being a multilingual youtuber himself, Shen startup World Youtuber School as his first step to incubate YouTubers worldwidely.

Through venturing into Cool Japan TV, he had successfully link Japan to the world & brought up the largest inbound media for Japan government!

Dan Khoo

Malaysia’s Youtube Boom


Dan Khoo is a prominent Youtuber from Malaysia, he is the founder of DanKhoo Production, a renowned Youtube channel where he publishes his work. Via Youtube, Dan’s incredible talents for acting, producing and directing films were discovered by the nation. Along with other Youtubers, he spearheaded the “Youtube Boom” of Malaysia, a period which marked the emergence and rise of locally produced Youtube entertainment within the country.

Ms Yeah 办公室 小野

Office Chef Sensation


Armed with humour, ingenuity, and a nifty iPhone, Ms Yeah produced her first office cooking video that set off the internet’s obsession with her.

The viral sensation quickly became known for using office supplies not just to cook, but create cooking contraptions at her desk. Though she doesn’t speak or explicitly crack jokes in her videos, Ms Yeah’s innate sense of comic timing is stunning.

She currently has 11 million subscribers over the social media.